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Answers to some common questions...

How does SiteApp help us manage Hazards?

SiteApp prompts your Field Team to identify and list Hazards for each Job/Task that they start on their SiteApp Tablet. You can add and edit a list of hazards specific to your work site(s) from the Administration page of SiteApp. We also provide a list of default Hazards for you to choose from when setting up your Organisation. If new hazards are identified by your team in the field then they can add them to the task on their tablet. When the Field Team identify and register a Hazard they can also record risk level and action control measures

How does SiteApp promote communication with employees? 

The SiteApp solution allows you to maintain a two-way flow of information between your office and your Field Teams. Using SiteApp your field teams can receive:

  • Job/Task instructions
  • Site documentation such as Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency plans, Safety briefings and Toolbox Talks, which they can then sign on their tablet to show that they have read the required material
  • Custom forms and checklists for site and personal equipment safety inspections and audits, vehicle and plant inspections, etc. 
  • Prompts to complete daily “Stop and Think” safety meetings

The field team can also send back to the office:

  • Hazard registers for each new job/task
  • Completed checklists and forms
  • Signatures to indicate documents have been read
  • Photographs of their work, site hazards, etc
  • Completed job/task notes

Does SiteApp help with accident/incident reporting?

Yes SiteApp provides functionality for your field teams to capture the details of accidents/incidents onto their tablet and communicate these back to the office. 

Can I customise SiteApp?

SiteApp recognises that while organisations like ‘WorkSafe’ require a certain structure to safety documentation the content of forms and checklists will vary from industry to industry and company to company. SiteApp allows you to add your own questions, checklists and information that follow your workflow requirements.

Does it work if not connected to the internet? 

SiteApp allows users to work offline. In the real world internet connections come and go and often teams work outside of cellular coverage.  Documents and job details can be downloaded to the work tablet and saved within mobile coverage and then read later even if coverage disappears. 

What kind of mobile device can I use with SiteApp?

SiteApp is available on Android and iOS devices.
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Need support?

Still have questions? Check out our online support portal. It is full of frequently asked questions. You can also post feedback or request a new feature. We want to make SiteApp the best mobile safety solution on the market. Click Here for support